About Us

We live in a world where communities hold prejudices against one another, shaped by the labels of class, caste, religion, gender, and ethnicity. These prejudices often lead to a lack of understanding, and ultimately, disunity. Is there a way to bridge these divides? What if we were able to create a safe space of understanding at a young age - would that change the way each citizen views the world?

Clicking Together uses photography to help young citizens transcend boundaries of difference and prejudice.

We accomplish this through photography camps for youths. We aim for our students to see their lives, their cities, and the different communities within their cities from broader perspectives.

Our Team


Hannah Yang


Shiv Tandan


Charmaine Poh


Gayatri Nair


Tanushree Bhasin

Documentary Filmmaker

Mahima Dayal Mathur

Documentary Filmmaker


Program Funders

  • Davis Projects for Peace
  • GetIT Comms


  • Melanie Gin

Program Supporters

  • Rotary Club of Ambala
  • Phoenix Club of Ambala
  • SD College Ambala
  • The Tandan Family
  • Dr. Desh Bandhu

Camera Sponsorships and Donations

  • Future Forward
  • Holman Gao
  • Matthias Ho